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End of G.x 2.0 in Turin + more writeups…

So the exhibition at SHARE in Turin is now done, and the works from the show should be on their way back to their respective owners. There’s been some nice writeups on several blogs, I think it was great that the show moved on and had another chance to shine.

Some of the blog news featuring Generator.x 2.0:

(Ok, that last one was gratuitous. So sue me…)

Exhibition opening videos

There are now several videos from the opening of the exhibition online, the one below was posted on Vimeo by Eno Henze and has a good overview of the works on display. Check also WatchBerlin and Berliner Kunstkontakter for more.

GeneratorX 2.0 Beyond the Screen at [DAM] Berlin from lambretta on Vimeo.

Generator.x 2.0 is over…

The Generator.x 2.0 workshop ended with the opening of the exhibition this weekend, which turned out to be a very successful event indeed. It was inspiring to see so much great work that didn’t even exist only a week before. I want to thank all the participants for making this such a great project, as well as the people at Club Transmediale and [DAM]Berlin for supporting the event.

Documentation of the exhibition will be on Flickr soon enough, for now I’m struggling to get the 200+ pictures I took online piece by piece. Here’s a selection of photos taken towards the end of the workshop, showing some of the work that are now in the exhibition, be sure to also check out the Generator.x 2.0 Flickr group. Anyone who has pictures from the event should add theirs as well.

GX20 519 David Dessens - Foldable fractal
David Dessens - Foldable fractal

GX20 478 Andreas Nicolas Fischer - Data sculpture
Andreas Nicolas Fischer - Data sculpture

GX20 130 Daniel Widrig - Laser cut model
Daniel Widrig - Laser cut model

GX20 502 Laser leftovers
Laser cut leftovers

Aperiodic Vertebrae assembly

Skylar has posted an update about his work on assembling the Aperiodic Vertebrae installation:

An update from Berlin on the progress of Aperiodic Vertebrae, a collaboration with Marc Fornes (theverymany)…Many thanks:
Jared Laucks & Continental Signs : CNC routing
Carol Herman, Susan Frosten, Bryce Beamer, Gotz Unger & Philadelphia University : Laser Cutting
Marius Watz : Exhibition space/workshop
& many others….




More progress…

GX20 143 Tarbell  Cubes
Jared Tarbell’s cubes, freshly laser cut.

GX20 160 Tarbell  Cubes
Jared Tarbell’s cubes, start of assembly.

GX20 165 Daniel Widrig, CNC landscape
Daniel Widrig, CNC landscape


Some products so far:

GX20 136 Daniel Widrig - Laser cut model
Model by Daniel Widrig.

GX20 116 David Dessens - Recursive form
Recursive form by David Dessens aka Sanch.

GX20 139 Holger Lippmann - Box fitting
Box fitting cut from Holger Lippmann.

Theverymany: Aperiodic_vertebrae

Skylar Tibbits from Theverymany just arrived in Berlin to assemble the installation Aperiodic_vertebrae for the Generator.x 2.0 exhibtion. Marc Fornes just blogged the details of its construction, definitely worth a look.

Theverymany - Aperiodic_vertebrae
Theverymany - Aperiodic_vertebrae

Cardboard Heaping

I saw this sculpture in one of the galleries in the Lindenstraße 35 in Berlin Mitte. I was told that it is a piece out of a series of sculptures that can all fit inside each other. Sadly I forgot the artists name, but it was the gallery on the 2nd floor on the right, if anyone is interested in seeing it. A trip to these galleries is well worth it and there are a lot of other things to see.

Flickr group is up

I’ve created a new Generator.x 2.0 Flickr group. You can use it to post pictures from the workshop, sketches etc.

Please tag your pictures with “gx20″ as well as with “generator.x” to make it easier to identify the pictures from the workshop.

Generative model: m.any

The m.any project from ETH Zurich is an interesting study in the generative design of a form intended for CNC milling:

m.any model